Dated: 01/16/2018

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Almost all homes have some radon gas in them. One in eight Alberta homes test over Health Canada’s maximum acceptable radon limit.

Health effects:

Breathing in radon damages your DNA, which can lead to lung cancer. Children and teens are particularly at risk.

Information for home owners: 

Clients who may be selling their home in the next couple of years may consider radon testing and any necessary mitigation as a selling feature. Here’s some information on radon testing you can provide to your clients:

Homes built in the past 25 years may contain more than 30 per cent more radon versus older properties;
Major changes to a home, such as renovations, can change radon readings. It may not be necessary or relevant to conduct a radon test if a property is purchased with plans for a major renovation or a tear down;
Changes to building codes in 2015 made it mandatory for new buildings to have a roughed in radon mitigation option; and
Radon levels are easy to test for and properties with high radon levels can be mitigated down to safe levels by professionals. 

Radon testing: 

A proper radon test takes 90 days and should be conducted between Oct. to April;
After major renovations or a new build, home owners should wait 2 years before testing;
Rural properties could have possible radon contamination in water wells; and
It is now mandatory by Alberta law that new landlords complete radon testing on their properties.

For more information on radon, check out these additional resources:

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